New Material Application Techonology Division




New Material
Application Technology

We manufacture and supply Chamber and Plating Chamber for Etching process
using Titanium, Zirconium which is high corrosion resistance and durability.
In addition, we handle surface treatment equipment used in the plating process.

Surface Treatment Equipment

Semiconductor industry, PCB industry, plating industry equipment
* Wet Chamber, Shower Module, Etching Equipment etc.
* Corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant equipment

Filter Housing

We supply filter housings that can be used in various fields using high-temperature, highly corrosion-resistant Ti or Zr materials.
Such as semiconductor, food, pharmaceutical, environment, etc.

*Special Feature

· It can be manufactured in various shapes suitable for high or low flow rates.
· Applicable to a wide range of uses depending on the type of fluid
· Can be applied and used in various types of filter cartridges
· Depending on the conditions of use, it is easy to clean without worrying about damage by using materials with excellent corrosion resistance and strength.

Insoluble electrode material

* insoluble electrode material Platinum Electrode / Iridium Electrode

*Special Feature

· The design of the base metal plays a very important role in electrical conduction.
· Titanium, the base metal used for electrodes, can be processed and improved to meet customer needs.
· ATX can collaborate to improve the performance of base metal.(Such as electrode/electrode equipment/base metal used for separator, etc.)

Ti Anode Basket

· Plating, PCB, continuous line plating

* Special Feature

· It has high corrosion resistance by using C-P Titanium and shows strong durability due to its low specific gravity compared to its strength.
· Baskets can be made in various shapes to suit customer needs, such as round or square, upon order.

Ti Anode Bus-Bar

* Special Feature

· It is a clad product by the titanium and copper explosion method, and has better electrical conduction rate than general lining and drawn products.
· There are no products and corrosive substances falling from the copper busbar, which is advantageous in reducing the defect rate.

Titanium Rack

* Special Feature

· Titanium Rack is mainly used in processes such as stainless steel electropolishing and aluminum anodizing.
· It is light, strong, and resistant to corrosion, so it can be used semi-permanently, and it can easily solve problems of shaking or stability of the contact point during work.
· It is designed to be assembled, and it is possible to conduct electricity smoothly by connecting the electrode and the object tightly.

Sputtering Target

· Gr.1, Gr.2, 99.99% Ti, 99.995% Ti, Ti-Alloy
· Material : C-P Ti, Ti-Alloy, Zr

* Special Feature

· As for sputtering targets, the use of high-purity titanium is increasing in integrated circuits, DRAMS, and flat-panel displays, and the purity requirements for titanium are getting higher and higher.
· It is used as a control electrode in the semiconductor ultra-large integrated circuit industry, and sputtering method is used to manufacture this material.
· The titanium target used in the sputtering method requires high purity, especially for alkali metal elements and radioactive elements.

Sputtering target Machining (circular)

Sputtering target Machining (rectangular, elliptical)

Special non-ferrous metal fabrication

Threading (gears, bolts)

Pipe Machining (reduction pipe, bellows)

General Machining (Flange Machining)

Machining (other processed goods)